T-Mobile To Start Charging $20 Fees For Upgrades This Month

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Someone leaked a screenshot off of a T-Mobile corporate forum and sent it to TmoNews. The post says tat if you, a customer, are with the Un-carrier, but not on a current JUMP!, JUMP! On Demand or SCORE! services and you decide to upgrade your device through a retail store or through customer care (read: over the phone), you’ll be assessed a $20 fee for that service. Enrolling in the JUMP! early upgrade program already requires a $9 flat fee and an additional $12 per month.

The $20 fee is meant to cover the assistance that T-Mobile reps give customers during the upgrade process. That includes help with selecting a device and performing the upgrade, transferring data between devices, and a new advanced SIM card. As for why it’s implementing this charge, T-Mo says in the leaked memo that it wants to “encourage” customers to use the self-serve upgrade options that it offers.

It’s not exciting to learn that T-Mobile could soon roll out a new upgrade fee for select customers, but at least there are ways to get avoid this Assisted Service charge. Those include being on JUMP! or JUMP! On Demand, buying your device from T-Mobile’s website, or bringing a device to T-Mobile yourself. And if you are one of the customers that’ll be affected by this charge, now you’ve got an advanced notice that it’s coming.
source: TmoNews, via : androidheadlines