Pokemon Go Nearby Tracking Feature Finally Expands To New Locations

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Niantic Labs began testing a new “Nearby” tracker feature in August for its hit augmented reality game Pokémon Go, but limited the test to parts of San Francisco. Now, the company is expanding that test, but only to a few additional U.S. cities

The good news is that the Pokemon tracking tool is coming to other cities, but the bad news is that it’s a very small number of locations. The developers say the new Nearby feature is currently available in the full San Francisco Bay area, the state of Arizona, and the city of Seattle

The feature allows players to see nearby Pokémon if they are close to a Pokéstop location. Tapping it shows players where to get them by switching over to a bird’s eye view map. The feature is also supposed to give players a heads-up if their desired Pokémon decides to leave the nearby Pokéstop before they arrive at that location.

In this nearby tracking system, a nearby Pokemon would be displayed next to the PokeStop they were closest to, which made it easier to figure out where the Pokemon should be hunted for. The feature was however limited to players in San Francisco causing much disappointment to other users.

If your account has the new Nearby & Sightings screen, you'll see a list of up to 9 Pokémon in your area, sorted under the Nearby and Sightings headings. The Pokémon under Nearby show an icon of a local PokéStop where you can find those critters.

Tracking Pokemon in Pokemon Go has been a hot topic among fans that have downloaded the game since July. People used to rely on third party trackers, but sadly Niantic shut them down.