Verizon Unveils Always-On Data To Allow Prepaid Customers

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Verizon today announced similar changes to its prepaid offerings with “Always-On Data” , Now you can get Verizon prepaid plans for smartphones with Always-On Data to stay online and connected even after you've used all your 4G LTE data. Always-On Data lasts for the rest of your prepaid cycle and connects you at reduced speeds of 128kb/second,

Dubbed “Always-On Data,” the new program throttles data speeds to 128 kb/second for the rest of the billing cycle once a user has reached their data limit. The program is offered as part of the carrier’s $60 per month and $45 per month prepaid plans at no extra charge.On all Verizon prepaid plans, you're in control with no overages, no fees, and no annual contract - all on the best network

- 6 GB* of data plus Always-On Data, mobile hotspot and unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada for $60 per month
- 3 GB* of data plus Always-On Data and mobile hotspot for $45 per month
- Wi-Fi-only data access for $30 per month

While there doesn’t appear to be any limited to the amount of throttled data a customer can use, a Verizon spokeswoman said Always-On shouldn’t be considered an unlimited plan because customers will lose service at the end of the pay cycle if they don’t refill their prepaid account.

Verizon prepaid options also include a data-less plan with unlimited talk and text for $30 a month; customers on this plan can use the Internet on Wi-Fi only.
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