Republic Wireless Launches New Android Smartphones and Data Plans for Only $15

Republic Wireless has said it has added nine modern smartphones to its lineup of Android devices.using Wi-Fi for calls and texts, letting customers choose how much data they need, and then refunding credit for any data that wasn t used.

Republic Wireless’ mobile plans all come with unlimited domestic voice calls and text messaging over cellular networks. Voice and messages, however, are coursed automatically over Wi-Fi when available. Customers also get to enjoy free voice calls to and from Canadian phone numbers

Starting today, consumers may purchase the following Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphones at RepublicWireless
● Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – $799
● Samsung Galaxy S7 – $699
● Samsung Galaxy S6 – $549
● Nexus 6P by Huawei – $499
● Nexus 5X by LG – $349
● Moto X Pure Edition – $349
● Moto G4 Plus – $299
● Moto G4 – $199
● Samsung Galaxy J3 – $179

The RepublicWireless Clear Choice Plans pass those savings on to customers in the form of being 40%-60% less expensive than comparable plans from the big carriers:
● Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data /$15 a month
● Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 1GB Cellular Data / $20 a month
● Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 2GB Cellular Data / $30 a month
● Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 4GB Cellular Data / $45 a month

Note: While Republic's marketing focus will be on the $15-$45/month price range, which addresses the needs of the vast majority of US subscribers, plans with up to 10GB of monthly cellular data are available.

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