Bell and Nokia Complete First Canadian Trial of 5G Technology In Canada

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Bell Canada announced Friday that it, in partnership with Nokia, successfully demonstrated 5G mobile technology with data speeds more than six times faster than the top speeds on the 4G network, currently Canada’s fastest.

The two companies expect the 5G to be available widely within the next five to seven years, offering considerably quicker data speeds than current 4G networks. Expected to be widely available within the next 5 to 7 years, 5G will provide significantly faster data speeds than current 4G networks and more capacity to meet the demands of mobile customers for broadcast video and Internet of Things (IoT) applications

The 5G trial leveraged spectrum in the 73 GHz range to achieve sustained data speeds more than 6 times faster than top 4G mobile speeds now available in Canada.

“Bell’s strategic focus on driving broadband network and service innovation has been key to our transformation into Canada’s wireless leader. The success of the first 5G trial means we are well positioned to lead the way to the next generation of mobile technology,” said Stephen Howe, Bell’s chief technology officer and executive vice president in a statement.