Report: Razer to launch a chat app for ‘Pokémon Go’ next week

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Gaming peripherals company Razer has been working on its very own chat app for Pokémon Go, according to a report from The Verge. This instant messenger will be called RazerGo, and it’s set to launch very soon.

Unlike regular chat or forum around a certain game, like Pokemon GO for instance, RazerGO is a localized experience. It will only show you and let you chat ith players from a certain radius, around 5 to 100 km, although it can even reach up to 1,000 km in "global" mode. Considering how most Pokemon GO players are more interested in what happens within their vicinity, that's a reasonable limitation and optimization.

These chat rooms will allow users to drop beacons on the map. This beacon lets other RazerGo users interact with with it, unlocking the chat room. Public, team and whisper are the three chat modes which can be enabled.

RazerGo contains a local mode which will provide users in a three mile radius the ability to interact with other Pokemon Go users. A regional option includes users within a 60 mile radius and global will include all Pokemon Go users.

Razer stressed to Polygon that the app isn’t an official Pokemon Go app, as it has no affiliation with developer Niantic Labs or Nintendo. It’s just something the company created on its own, apparently.

Razer plans to launch a web version of RazerGo tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. An iOS and Android version will probably launch next week on July 25, pending approval from Apple and Google’s respective app stores.
source: The Verge