Prisma Android App Now Officially Launched On Google Play Store, Download Now

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Good news for Android users, the hugely-popular Prisma photo-editing app  is now available for all Android users via the Google Play Store, has come to Android as of today.

Last week, the app was made available for Android but was still in beta phase and was only available through registration on Prisma's website. However, only select users were able to get links to the app.

Additionally, Prisma Labs, the developer behind the app, has updated Prisma on both iOS an Android to allow users to save edited pictures to their phones. Previously, users could only share their photos online.

Prisma is only a month old but the app has already topped iOS app charts in several countries with over 1 million daily users, thanks to its artistic filters. So how does Prisma work on Android? Users have to upload a picture, and then the next step is choosing the right filter

It was the top photo app in the App Store in the US following its release. Currently, it is the top photo app in over 40 countries. Prisma has generated so much interest that till now it has registered 8 million downloads with more than 1.5 users actively using the app daily.

You can download Prisma from the Google Play Store for free. Some have been complaining that it’s not as fast as expected and that the app sometimes hangs