Pokemon Go Breaks More Records: 75 Million Downloads in Under a Month

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Pokémon Go has already earned one official record , Since launching July 5, people have downloaded Pokémon Go more than 75 million times across iOS and Android, Pretty impressive for a game that’s only launched in 32 countries.

Analysis by app marketing firm Sensor Tower published Monday showed that the game has reached 50 million installs on Android in just 19 days. That’s a record fast speed, placing it well above its competitors and demonstrating the unprecedented popularity of the game

And since we are talking records, Pokemon Go is also the first game to have reached the 50-million mark anywhere under a month. The application launched on the Android platform in Australia and New Zealand on July 5 and cracked a half ton (multiplied by a million) barely 19 days hence

Pokemon Go completed this task not only in a record time, but also in only 32 of the territories where the Play Store and App Store are available. As the game launches in more regions, analysts from Sensor Tower do not rule out the possibility of the game reaching 100 million combined downloads on both OSes in its first month.
source: phonearena