Apple To Earn $3bn From Pokémon Go App Next 2 Years..?

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Apple stands to be a big beneficiary of the global Pokemon Go craze. But could the blockbuster augmented-reality mobile game actually yield up to $3 billion in revenue from purchases in the App Store within the next 24 months?

According to financial analyst, Laura Martin, Apple is the “THE global distribution platform for mobile content” and it keeps around 30 percent of the game’s purchases using its iPhone and iPad. Now that’s a lot of purchases if we’re talking about $3 billion in a year or two.

Pokemon Go achieved a penetration rate of 6% of the U.S. population in just 10 days, and Martin predicts that there will be around 20% penetration of the U.S. population at maturity.

Reuters says iPhone users can also purchase “PokeCoins” to buy additional features, which is how Apple could profit most. A pack of 100 PokeCoins costs 99 cents in Apple’s App Store, but the price can go up as much as $99.99 for a pack of 14,500, according to the report.

Apple is “THE international distribution platform for cellular content material,” Martin, an analyst with funding banking agency Needham & Firm, wrote in a observe to buyers. And second, she estimates Apple retains 30 % of Pokemon Go purchases produced from an iPhone or iPad.

But the projected $3 billion revenue from Pokemon Go going into Apple's coffers seems almost unbelievably high, given that according to Apple, consumers spent a total of about $20 billion on the App Store in 2015.

According to research conducted by Slice, Pokemon Go accounted for no less than 47 percent of all mobile purchases on July 10. That means that nearly half of the in-app purchases that mobile users made that day were because of Nintendo’s smashing hit

In less than two weeks, Pokemon Go had 21 million active users in the U.S. alone. The game is available on Android devices as well. Martin further explained that the ratio of paid users for Pokémon Go is 10 times that of Candy Crush, a hit game from King Digital which generated more than $1 billion in revenue in both 2013 and 2014.
source: cnet