Verizon Unveils New Pre-paid Plans Ranging From $30 to $60

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Verizon has unveiled a new set of prepaid phone plans this morning. The new plans include more data, and the largest plan, at $60 a month, features unlimited calling to the U.S, Canada, and Mexico.Starting May 15th,

For $60 per month, Verizon’s prepaid customers can now get 6GB of 4G LTE data including 1GB of AutoPay Bonus Data, unlimited talk, and text in the United States as well as unlimited text and calling to Mexico and Canada. The previous plan had 3GB of data for the same price.

3 GB of data including 1 GB of AutoPay Bonus Data with unlimited talk and text in the U.S., plus text to Mexico and Canada for $45 per month (prior plan included only 1 GB)

Verizon's $30 per month plan will continue to offer unlimited talking and texting and Wi-Fi data access. Verizon customers can add extra data for $10 per GB.

On top of the bonus data, all three of Verizon’s prepaid plans include unlimited text to Mexico and Canada. Starting May 15, the $60 plan will also get unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada at no extra charge.
Source: verizonwireless