AT&T calls out T-Mobile, Sprint for offering WiFi calling without FCC approval

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Apple's iOS 9 & new iPhones now have support for WiFi calling, a feature that lets users place voice calls over a WiFi connection in lieu of using cellular. US carriers Dash & T-Mobile have already launched the feature on their networks, but some are wondering why AT&T has not when it was expected to debut with the iPhone 6s & 6s And. Well, as AT&T is putting it, their rivals have implemented WiFi calling without the approval of the FCC.nting out that they ought to b waiting for approval .

A few weeks ago, they shared the news that AT&T was delaying adoption of the WiFi calling feature in the new version of Apple’s  operating process for mobile devices. The carrier said that it was awaiting FCC approval of the feature, which other carriers have enabled already. Now AT&T has tattled to the FCC on those other carriers, pointing out that they ought to b waiting for approval .

AT&T sent a letter to the FCC saying that T-Mobile & Dash had begun offering WiFi calling without being granted a waiver for teletypewriter (TTY) support. TTY is necessary by the FCC on all calling services, as it provides accessibility service for the deaf & hard of hearing.

The problem isn’t with using smartphones to make calls over WiFi: the problem is that the FCC hasn’t approved that feature for use with devices that some people with hearing and speech disabilities use with iPhones, teletypwriters or TTYs.

AT&T has been trying to replace the elderly TTY know-how with real-time text (RTT), a solution that also assists those with hearing disabilities which has received wide support. Regrettably, RTT won't be prepared until 2016, so in June AT&T requested a temporary TTY waiver from the FCC, so they could start offering WiFi calling in September with the release of iOS 9.

That’s what they tattled about to the FCC: AT&T has an alternate expertise called Real-Time Text that works more reliably over WiFi, & they requested a waiver to make use of that protocol in lieu of TTY. Other carriers, notably T-Mobile & Dash, let customers use the feature without waiting for a waiver.
source: Slashgear Via : Cconsumerist