Microsoft New York City Flagship Store to open October 26

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Microsoft plans to open the doors of its first flagship Microsoft Store in New York City on October 26.

Both will be the tech giant's largest stores to date. Manhattan's flagship will span five floors and 22,269 square feet, Microsoft reports. The smaller Sydney location will take up two floors and 6,000 square feet

The new Manhattan store, located at 677 Fifth Avenue (near 53rd Street), which is just a few blocks from Apple's Fifth Avenue store, will open at noon, with opening ceremonies starting at 11:30 a.m.

That Microsoft’s store is just a few blocks down makes it likely many Apple Store visitors will simply walk for a couple of blocks and check out Microsoft’s afterwards.

(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft announces grand opening dates for its first New York City flagship store, Microsoft will open its flagship NYC store with a big party on October 26

As with other Microsoft Stores around the country the Fifth Avenue location will feature an "AnswerDesk," Microsoft's answer to Apple's Genius Bar. Similar to the Genius Bar, the Answer Desk will be a place for customers seeking help with technical questions, troubleshooting and repairs regardless of the device or where it was purchased. The store will also house a "CommunityTheater" and immersive video walls throughout to show off the latest Microsoft products in action.
Source: Microsoft