iPhone 6s Orders Begin Preparing for Shipment, New Packaging Photos Emerge Online

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The iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s And are set to start arriving on doorsteps & shelves in week, but if you’ve pre-ordered of Apple’s new rings, you may be feeling a bit anxious about the wait. Well today some leaked images of the new devices have surfaced to help make that wait a bit simpler.

The Spanish-language site iPhoneros on Friday published a series of pics which purport to show what the iPhone 6s packaging is going to look like. While we’ve seen a few such pics over the past few weeks, the latest leak provides us with the clearest and most extensive picture of what they can expect to see Apple deliver from a packaging point of view.

The images show boxes that depict the front of each iPhone with a differently colored siamese fighting fish on each model. The Space Gray iPhone 6s has a red fish, the Gold model has a gold and blue fish, the Silver iPhone 6s has a blue fish, and the Rose Gold iPhone has an orange fish. The side of each box has the iPhone 6s name, while the top is stamped with an Apple logo.


As opposed to previous iPhone models, the 6s’ packaging doesn’t depict the iOS homescreen but instead displays a few snapshots of the animated photos Apple is planning to let iPhone 6s users choose as their background.

Not only do the fish stamped on the front of the boxes help differentiate the iPhone 6s packaging from the iPhone 6 packaging, but they also give a preview of the Dynamic Wallpapers that’ll be included with the iPhone 6s. These Dynamic Wallpapers will move around when you 3D Touch them.
Source: iphoneros Via: phonedog BGR