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You Can Get Android Internet Settings for T-Mobile, How to Setup and Configure T-Mobile 4G APN Internet and MMS Settings For Android...? Full Details Below...

T-Mobile  APN Settings for Android Phone( Samsung Galaxy, HTC , Sony xperia,Motorola) 

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● T-Mobile APN Settings For Android, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Xperia, Motorola Moto, LG G1

T-Mobile APN Settings Follow The Steps : 

1- Open the Settings
2- Select Wireless & networks
3- Select Mobile Networks
4- Select Access Point Names.
5- Tap the three dots at the bottom right and select New APN

Name T-Mobile
APN epc.tmobile.com or fast.t-mobile.com
Proxy blank
Username blank
Password blank
Server blank
MMSC http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MMC 310
MNC 260
Authentication type not set
APN Type <Not Set> OR Internet+MMS (depending on software version)
APN Protocol WAP 2.0
APN enable/disable  blank

✉ Save this and then select this APN. You can now connect to internet after two minutes (if not working try restarting your your device and then connect)

T-Mobile 4G APN Settings For iPhone, iPad

Follow The Steps iPhone: 
1-Go to Settings> General> Network
2-Under “Network” settings select “Cellular Data Network”
4-Add APN (below )
5-Leave Username and Password blank

Follow The Steps iPad: 
1- Settings > Cellular Data > APN Settings

APN epc.tmobile.com
Username blank
Password blank

✉Done. These settings are saved automatically

T-Mobile Lte Settings For Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia

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Follow The Steps : 
1-Press arrow right to access the main menu.
2-Press Settings.
3-Press mobile network.
4-Press add apn.

 APN  epc.tmobile.com or
 Username  blank
 Password  blank
 Proxy server/URL  blank
 Proxy port  80

✉ Save the new APN, After making these settings go to access point main screen and set the newly added access points as active