World Health Organization to Launch Coronavirus App for iOS and Android

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is also launching an iOS, Android and Web App, to educate people and provide tips in regards to the Coronavirus.  plans to launch an official Covid-19 app next week

The app is likely to launch under the name ‘WHO MyHealth’. The idea of the app was proposed by a team that has former employees from Google and Microsoft.

According to 9to5Google WHO is developing an app for Android, iOS and Web platforms that will provide alerts, news, tips and other information that will keep users updated about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

World Health Organization to unveil WHO MyHealth app for  Coronavirus  (COVID-19) tips in a new iOS, Android app, The WHO COVID-19 app will launch for iOS and Android on March 30.The app is said to launch under the name “WHO MyHealth”

The report stated that the app is expected to launch on Android and iOS on March 30. The app code is already available on GitHub.

According to the source, the WHO MyHealth app will offer notifications and information specific to your location.

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