Snapchat Latest Update Multi-Snap 10-second clips, Tint Brush Color Feature

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Snapchat is rolling out another major update , The company is today launching two new features: Multi-Snap and Tint Brush.

Titled Multi-Snap, the feature will enable Snapchatters to hold down the record button for one minute to create six 10-second videos without cessation, making a total of a 60-second long video. Previously, users could not create uninterrupted long videos and were limited to only 10-second recordings.

The Tint Brush is a feature that can be used in Snap pictures, . Tap the new Tint Brush icon, pick a color, and trace the object you want to recolor. I imagine it will become pretty popular as people begin to give themselves new haircolors

Snapchat added two new features to the app Multi-Snap and Tint Brush. Multi-Snap

The 60-second video recording feature is rolling out to iOS first with an Android release planned soon. Tint Brush is available on both iOS and Android now.
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