Gmail Android App Now Allows You To Send And Request Money

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Google today announced an update to Gmail for Android that has been a long time coming, allowing users to send and request money, just as easily as sharing a photo or file.

This is essentially the result of the Gmail app gaining support for Google Wallet and marks the next step in the evolution of the pairing of Gmail and Google Wallet, The feature is rolling out now in the US with version 7.2.26 of Gmail for Android needed to enable it.

Google Wallet has actually been closely integrated with Gmail on the web since a few years already. However, this new integration makes things even easier while also giving Android users another compelling reason to use Google Wallet

To use the new feature, tap the paper clip icon as if you were attaching a file and you’ll see two new options: Send money and Request money. Tap the one you want and you can select an amount, payment source, and write a note, which will then attach to the body of your message.

Also, you can set the recipients to redirect the money you receive directly into your bank account; and all these operations are free of charge
source: Google