New official 5G Logo Announced by the 3GPP

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The 5G cellular technologies already being tested by a number of leading wireless carriers around the world, the leading global telecom operators like at&t and Verizon have allegedly started testing the network

The official 5G logo that got unveiled yesterday bears a lot in common with that of LTE Advanced Pro. The idea is to maintain familiarity yet distinguish the logo, and the 5G technical spec, by making it sharper and stronger, 3GPP explains in a press release.

5G is still years away from actual implementation on the devices you use in your day-to-day life, with 3GPP’s release of the initial 5G Phase 1 specifications not planned until late 2018. But at least it has a logo now.

The major US wireless carriers are already talking about their 5G plans and test, Don't expect to see any network 5G this year, but you know that some operators in us like AT&T and Verizon have plans to launch the networks first 5G test from next year.We are expecting, even more, announcements regarding the future developments in the 5G space at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017.
Source: 3GPP