Pokemon Go Holiday Events Announced

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'Pokemon Go' is closing out 2016 with a big holiday event, running through Christmas, Hanukkah, and into the first few days of the new year. A special seasonal event starts in Pokémon Go on Dec. 25

As announced in a blog post on Pokemon Go’s official site, from December 25th until January 3rd, PokeStops will offer one single-use egg incubator after your first spin each day. Eggs found during this period will have an increased chance of containing the new Johto region Pokemon, including Togepi, Pichu, Elekid, Smoochum, Magby, Igglybuff, and Cleffa.

How about a greater chance to hatch a Togepi and other rare Pokemon? Starting the morning of December 25, all PokeStops will be awarding one single-use incubator every day on their initial Photo Disc spins. This will continue through January 3. That alone is a pretty sweet perk, but what's even better is that you'll be much more likely to find eggs that hatch Togepi, Pichu, and other Gen 2 (or "Johto") Pokemon.

Image Source: Pokemon Go
Beyond the holiday event that begins on Christmas day, there will also be a second overlapping event to celebrate the new year. From the afternoon of December 30th to the afternoon of January 8th, you will have a greater chance of encountering the original Kanto region starters: Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise. During these dates, Niantic is also increasing the effectiveness of Lure Modules so that they last for 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes.
Source: Pokémon Go