New Apple TV Remote app for iPhone Officially Launches Siri support finally Arrives

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Apple has released a new application for the iPhone that lets users control their Apple TV set-top box, mimicking the functions of the Siri remote control. The app works with the latest Apple TV, which first went on sale in October.

Once you connect the app to your Apple TV over your Wi-Fi, you ll notice the app looks exactly like the remote that comes with the fourth-gen Apple TVs.

The new Apple TV Remote app is a free 5.5-megabyte download available on the App Store. It requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 9.3.2 or later.

Without Siri, the Apple TV Remote app also works with a third-generation streaming box with Apple TV Software 7.2.1, or a second-generation model with Apple TV Software 6.2.1. A Wi-Fi connection to the Apple TV is required.

features from the app, according to Apple, include:
Navigate Apple TV with touch gestures
Quickly enter text, email addresses, and passwords using the keyboard
Ask Siri to find something great to watch, listen to, or play
Control the movie, TV show, or song that's currently playing
Play games using the accelerometer and gyroscope
Turn on Game Mode for simplified game controls

Apple introduced its fourth-generation Apple TV in June 2015. It starts at $149. Apple has not disclosed Apple TV sales figures.
source: itunes via : appleinsider