Leak: T-Mobile to launch Simple Choice Data-Only plans on March 30

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Today, a new leak uncovered by the folks at TmoNews is showing the introduction of few more bare bones plans and it could be a great fit for those looking to further cut down their monthly service bill. As part of T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plans, the Un-carrier will soon allow customers to sacrifice all their minutes in favor of a range of data-only plans starting at $20 for 2GB. Here’s what we’re looking a

T-Mobile is planning to launch Simple Choice Data-Only rate plans on March 30, according to an image shared with TmoNews. The plans will only be available for GSM devices and are not eligible for the $10 Automatic Mobile Internet Discount. The image also shows that BlackBerry devices will need to be BB10 or a Priv in order to use the Simple Choice Data-Only plan.

Customers that are interested in a data-only plan will have several options available to them:

2GB for $20 per month
6GB for $35
10GB for $50
14GB for $65
18GB for $80
22GB for $95
Photo Credit: TmoNews
The prices for data-only service are more or less identical to T-Mobile's current tablet plans, though the latter doesn't offer a 22GB option. The leaked information doesn't say whether T-Mobile's data-only plans will work with Music Freedom or Binge On, but we'll probably find out on the 30th Source: TmoNews