Nokia and T-Mobile plan to conduct preliminary 5G testing, trials slated to begin second half of 2016

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T-Mobile announced plans to begin trial testing for 5G data speeds on their wireless network. Ericsson reaffirmed those plans in their own statement, going into great detail about their partnership with T-Mobile and how they plan to make 5G a reality. The two companies plan to begin 5G pre-standard trials in the second half of 2016,

T-Mobile and Nokia are using pre-selected spectrum in the 28Ghz band to trial and test 5G components and accompanying use cases that support massive bandwidth capacity and virtual zero latency. This will enable T-Mobile to evaluate emerging 5G technologies and explore new business opportunities of an increasingly connected world

Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile, said: "We're looking forward to working with Nokia to bring 5G capabilities out of the lab and into field trials with LTE technology and spectrum we already have today. Building on investments we've made to deliver America's fastest 4G LTE, this puts us on the path to real 5G use cases once 5G consumer smartphones are available in the 2020+ timeframe."
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Ricky Corker, Head of North America, Nokia, said: "We are excited to work with T-Mobile and contribute together to the standardization of 5G technology. Nokia's many proofs of concepts and demonstrations have positioned the company as a front-runner in the 5G arena. We have the proven ability to collaborate with industry innovators like T-Mobile to bring cutting-edge technology to market and enhance the customer experience."
source: Nokia