AT&T Brings Back Unlimited Data For DirecTV & U-verse Subscribers

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AT&T is bringing back unlimited data to its wireless network. In addition to wireless data, this deal also includes talk, text and video streaming. There’s one big catch — AT&T will only let you sign up for the plan if you hop onto one of its television services as well.

AT&T is bringing back an unlimited data plan—but not for all wireless subscribers. Starting Tuesday, DirecTV and U-Verse customers will have the opportunity to pay $100 per month for a single line of unlimited data, talk, and text on AT&T’s network. Additional phones will cost $40 per line, and if you add four smartphones you’ll get the fourth line for free after the first two months

The unlimited data plans will cost $100 for the first line and $40 for additional lines. Those who buy three lines can get a fourth one for free. Television service costs extra, though AT&T says those who have wireless service will still qualify for a $10 discount on normal rates. AT&T TV services starts at $19.99 per month for the first year, through the entry-level price jumps to $49.99 after that.

AT&T brings back unlimited data plans, if you also have DirecTV or U-Verse, AT&T brings back unlimited wireless data plans, but only for TV subscribers

If you’d like to add non-smartphone devices to the unlimited plan, you can do so. Tablets can be added at a rate of $40 per month, but if you don’t think that you need unlimited data on your slate, you can get 1GB each month for $10. Watches and “select connected devices” can be added for $10 per month, and basic/messaging phones carry an monthly access fee of $25.
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