9 Google Now Voice Commands to Take Control of Your Smartphone

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Google has added nine new voice commands towards the Android version on the Google Now request. The flashlight control is but one. You can at this point turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on or off by simply saying "Turn Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) on" or "Turn Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) off. " After both of the commands, your phone requires you to a shortcut which you could turn on or off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth simply using a toggle switch.

One more new voice get, "Read my mail messages, " will lead to your last all 5 SMS messages showing up on the display. Google will then ask if you would like the five read out loud. If you want an app popped, tell Google to "Open (the name on the app). " This kind of works on Facebook, Facebook and other sorts of big name blog. You can additionally ask Google to open some web sites. We were capable of call up our site in this fashion.

Sharing with Google to "Open camera" could possibly get your snapper completely ready, while "Record video" will open the video camera in video mode, ready to head out. If you're within the mood to pick up some tunes, ask Google to help "Play music" and you will be sent to the "I'm feeling lucky" airwaves option from The search engines Play Music. Setting up a call or giving a text to a single of your contacts might be accomplished the unique way. You can furthermore set your burglar alarm (tell Google to help "set an burglar alarm for... "). In the event you ask Google to vary the brightness or volume in your phone, you are sent to the page with your handset's Settings application that refers to the display or perhaps sound.

Remember these new features and you might find that asking Google to do the "heavy lifting" makes your life easier.
source: phonearena