Verizon Announces Yearly Upgrade Program for iPhone Users

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Verizon Wireless announced on Thursday that it will offer its customers annual iPhone upgrades should they purchase a new 6s or 6s Plus on Friday, September 25th. According to the company's press release,

The carriers says that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the first devices eligible for the new program, and if you’ve already pre-ordered the device and chose the Device Payment option, you’re automatically enrolled in the program.

The carriers says " If you’re not interested in upgrading, you still have the option to pay your phone off in 24 low monthly payments.  That’s a better option than those “lease plans” offered by other companies, which can include surprise balloon payments just 18 months into your agreement, or ask you to turn over your phone without getting anything for it."

You’ll have to turn the old iPhone in to get a new one, but if you prefer to keep it you can continue to pay the monthly installment fees for the 24 month period
Source: Verizon Via: 9to5Mac , iphonehacks