Twitter Could Remove its Signature 140-Character Limit

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Twitter is building a new product that would allow users to post content beyond 140 characters, a departure from what has been the signature feature of the social media site since its inception.according to multiple people familiar with the company’s plans.

There are existing services designed to let users publish long-form content on Twitter, like TwitLonger, which directs users to a website to read a full tweet, or OneShot, which lets users post images of text, but Twitter may have a better solution in mind for its own product

Twitter is also said
 Removing the character limit could be part of a broader effort by San Francisco-based Twitter to reach a more mainstream audience, which in turn would help attract advertisers. Twitter interim CEO Jack Dorsey has acknowledged the service is too complicated to attract mainstream users. It can also be off-putting, with a cluttered interface and a user base that can border on the uncivilized. The company in July said 316 million people actively use the service every month. For comparison, Facebook said it has 1.5 billion monthly users and its photo-sharing service Instagram draws 400 million people a month

As with all early products, there’s a chance the long-form feature may never make it to consumers. But Twitter is looking to mix things up, and tweaking its character limit would certainly do the trick.