10 Simple Tips & Tricks to Charge Smartphones and Tablets Faster

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How to make your smartphone charge faster....? It's likely that you charge your smartphone every day. But we don't want to be waiting long before we use it again. Here are some tips so that you can charge your phone faster.If you’ve ever been running late, but been forced to wait for your phone battery to charge up, we’ve got some great tips to cut the charging time of your smartphone.

How to Charge Your Smartphones & Tablet Faster

 Tips 1. Consider that the power generated from the cell in your phone or tablet is going to feed a hungry bunch of radios, each demanding to be fed with nutritious power. If somehow you can easily shutdown all of the radios on your device, you could recharge it as more faster.

 Tips 2. The normal output of the wall charger that came with your phone is 1.1 amps. Tablet chargers are often much faster, over 2 amps, as their batteries are larger, but manufactures don’t want you waiting longer for them to be fully charged. You can also get chargers with larger amp outputs. Both will give you a much shorter charge time.

 Tips 3. When our phone is charging, turning off wi-fi and 3G. you’re not using will let the phone use less power. The less power it’s using, the faster the battery will get up to that magical 100%.

 Tips 4. Lots of phones now have battery saving modes. When they’re turned on the phone is using less power, so charging is much faster.

 Tips 5. One of the best things to do is flick your phone into airplane mode. This turns off the antenna on the phone, so it won’t get texts or calls. It also means it’s not constantly searching for reception, so the battery isn’t having to use up some of the power it’s being fed from the charger, so it’ll finish charging sooner.

 Tips 6. The best power saving mode is when the phone’s powered off. If you don’t need to use it while you’re getting ready in the morning, just hit the power button. It’ll be charged much, much faster

 Tips 7. Chances are though that you’re waiting for a call or a text, and just want to get as much power into your phone as possible before you need to rush out. Even if you’re waiting for a message, try not to keep checking your phone, just put the ringer on loud. The screen is the biggest power draw on the phone, so if you keep turning the screen on, the charging time will get longer and longer. If you have to check, turn the brightness down to minimise power drain.

 Tips 8. Don't charge from a USB port or car charger.these ways of charging are quite slow.The most wall chargers are 1.1 amps.Well USB and car chargers are normally around 0.5 amps, so they’ll charge your phone around half as fast.

 Tips 9. A Mac’s USB port can recognise when you plug in an iPhone or an iPad via a USB cable. It’ll up the power output to 1.1 amps, so you’ll get charge times that are similar to a wall charger with these devices.

 Tips 10. closing apps reduces power consumption as well.If your smartphone drains the battery faster than before it could be a sign of the battery itself dying. This just happens; batteries have a limited lifetime but discussing how to increase battery life is a different topic.