OneClip Is Microsoft's Upcoming Cross-Platform Cloud Clipboard Service

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When Microsoft says they’re trying to reach across the aisle to the other ecosystems, they really mean it. The newest evidence of this is a beta application that’s now available on the Windows Phone Store called OneClip, which saves anything you copy to the clipboard to the cloud. And it’s not just for Windows: it’s purported to be on its way for iOS and Android as well.

OneClip is a universal clipboard app that can be installed onto multiple devices across a variety of platforms. Once installed, users can retrieve items copied to their online clipboard using the application. To pair the apps, you will have to enter a randomly generated number onto each device before data is synced up. The process is always on in the background, so you won’t have to manually copy data in and out of different app screens unless you want an older file.

The app is called OneClip, a multi-platform clipboard app, and it will allow Android, or iOS, or Windows users to copy text and other stuff from one device, to another device
OneClip can accept text, images, phone numbers, addresses, web clips, and more. You can force a refresh on any of the devices to make the clips appear quicker, but the app seems to be fast enough to not often push you there. Deleting a clip also removes it from all devices.

It's not clear when OneClip will be officially released, but it seems that the apps are almost ready for primetime — or at least public betas. We'll be keeping an eye out for this one
via : Androidpolice , Theverge