Lumia Verizon APN Settings | Verizon APN Settings For Windows Phone

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How to Setup and Configure Verizon APN Internet and MMMS Settings on Windows Phone...?

Verizon APN & MMS Settings Windows Phones (Nokia Lumia, Samsung ATIV, Huawei W1,Huawei W1

➊ Steps to Follow if "Access Point" App has not been installed
 1- Swipe left to view the Apps list
 2- Tap Settings
 3- Tap Mobile Network
 4- Ensure Data connection is set to on
 5- Tap add mms apn button
 6- Set APN as internet

➋ Steps to Follow if "Access Point" app has been installed
 1- Swipe left to view the Apps list
 2- Tap Settings
 3- Tap access point Currently active settings will be marked as active
 4- Press and hold the active setting until options menu appears
 5- Tap View to view or Edit to edit settings
 6- Note: Most likely you will only need to edit settings, if they are wrong. If you still want to create new settings then tap the plus sign and follows the steps below. Tap Connection name
 7- Enter a unique connection name
 8- Tap Access point name
 9- Enter internet
 10- Tap MMS APN
 11- Tap MMS access point name
 12- Enter internet

Verizon APN Internet Settings for Windows Phone 8,8.1

 APN  internet or vzwinternet
 Username  blank
 Password  blank
 Proxy server/URL  blank
 Proxy port  80

Verizon MMS Settings for Windows Phone 8, 8.1

 APN  internet or vzwinternet
 Username blank
 Password blank
 Authentication type none
 WAP gateway (URL) blank
 WAP gateway port blank
 MMSC Port 80
 Maximum MMS size 1mb
 IP type IPv4