Verizon Launches 'FreeBee' Sponsored Data Program

Today Verizon announced their new sponsored data program coined FreeBee Data. According to Verizon FreeBee Data will help engagement with mobile content from businesses on their network

The FreeBee Data service has two models.FreeBee Data and FreeBee Data 360. The standard FreeBee Data model allows content providers to sponsor “specific consumer actions on a per-click basis” so that those actions are not charged to a consumer’s data allowance. FreeBee Data 360, on the other hand, allows content providers to provide some or all of a customer’s mobile content, both in apps and mobile websites, without counting against the consumer’s data allowance.

Verizon has announced that it is now ready to begin beta testing its sponsored data service, called FreeBee Data. “By building capabilities to help brands promote their content and applications, our new FreeBee Data service is a powerful tool created to help marketers take an active part in consumers/ mobile lives”, Colson Hiller, Verizon’s vice president of consumer products, said in a prepared statement.

FreeBee Data is yet another of these zero-rated data schemes, giving content providers the option to pay to make their offerings more appealing to Verizon users by not counting their consumption against data caps

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FreeBee Data 360 is commercially available on a beta basis starting today. Interested content providers can use this service to sponsor data for all of Verizon’s post-paid customers.  On January 25, Verizon will begin a beta trial of the separate pay-per-click service. Brands already signed up to participate in the pay-per-click trial include Hearst Magazines, AOL and GAMEDAY. These content providers will sponsor some mobile content for 1,000 test subscribers. Other brands are welcome to participate in the trial.  Commercial availability of the pay-per-click service is expected later this year.
source: Verizon

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