Optus APN Settings For Android, Samsung Galaxy, HTC

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Optus 4G Lte APN Settings for Android Phone( Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony xperia)

Step 1: First you need to find your APN settings, now for each Android mobile, there are different ways to access this:


1-Tap Menu or Applications
2-Tap Settings
3-Tap Wireless and Networks
4-Tap Mobile Networks
5-Tap Access Point names


1-Tap Menu
2-Tap Settings
3-Tap Mobile Network (Under Wireless & Networks)
4-Tap Access Point Names

SAMSUNG or other manufacturer 

1-Tap Apps
2-Tap Settings
3-Tap More Settings
4-Tap Mobile Networks
5-Tick Mobile Data
6-Tap Access Point names

Enter The Following information

Name Optus Internet
APN yesinternet
Username blank
Password blank
Server blank
APN Type Internet or blank
MMS Protocol (Android 2.1+) WAP 2.0
MMSC blank
MMS Proxy blank
MMS Port blank
MCC 505
MNC 02
Authentication Type PAP 
* Click the menu button and select 'Save' when you are done

Optus 4G MMS Settings for Android phone( Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony xperia)

Enter The Following information :

Name Optus MMS
Proxy blank
Port blank
Username blank
Password blank
Server leave it blank
MMSC http://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002/
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 8070
MCC 505
MNC 02
Authentication type PAP
MMS Protocol (Android 2.1+) WAP 2.0
* All done. The multimedia messaging settings have been set up

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